Your Governance is Broken

Traditional Governance is fundamentally flawed and inadequate. Discover the Next Generation of Governance with Zenable.

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Our features

Build a Zero Trust Business with Zenable's cutting-edge techniques.

Recommendation Engine

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Get recommendations from our AI-enabled recommendation engine. Find inefficient business process, mutually exclusive statements, advanced methods for rule segmentation, and more.

Policy as Code


So, you've been able to describe your rules. Now, gather telemetry and enforce your requirements with cloud-native technologies such as Policy as Code, Guardrails, and Paved Roads.

AI Augmentation


Not a fan of meetings? Yeah, us too. That's why we built an AI-powered sidekick for your entire company so anybody can get their Compliance questions answered, without needing to wait for the planets to align.

Our expertise

We've been there, done that. Rely on a team who has been reliably delivering results for decades in the following three domains:


Data Science

We aren't new to Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. In fact, we've been working at the intersection of Security and Data Science for over a decade. And we're not stopping now.


Cloud Native Security

Our team has written key resources on Cloud Native Security and Compliance. You can often find us as authors and contributors to CNCF white papers and reference materials.



We take the toil out of Compliance. Work with experts that have aligned Industries like Finance, Healthcare, Government, and Technology all align their business goals and requirements with their technical ones.

How it works

Our Innovative system layers AI on top of extensively-tuned and domain-driven knowledge graphs to open an entirely new world of Corporate Observability and Governance.

Import Your Governance

Find and Fix Issues

Automate Monitoring & Alerts


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Meet the Founder

Jon Zeolla, CEO

Jon is a world-renowned expert in Cloud-Native Security and Compliance, hyper-focused on improving the observability and reducing the friction of Corporate Governance.

He has over 20 years of experience working at companies such as a Fortune 100 Bank, a Level 1 Merchant, and an R1 Research Institution in domains including Data Science, Cybersecurity, and Compliance.

Zenable marks his 5th time as an entrepreneur, and he is also a CNCF Ambassador, SANS Instructor, and IANS Faculty Member.

Read more about his contributions and awards.

founder jon

Jon is incredibly knowledgable and I very much enjoy learning from him. He has answers to even the most obscure questions, it's amazing!


Jon Zeolla expertise is unparalleled, delivering complex cybersecurity concepts with clarity and real-world relevance.


Very impressed with Jon's knowledge, experience, and teaching/reinforcement style. Also a very impressive open-source portfolio.


Jon is very knowledgeable and his ability to relate net new concepts to someone (explaining it like I'm 5 without being condescending) is extremely helpful


Jon has so much real world experience. He was able to run through the course material very fluently. He was also able to answer many of our "real-world" example questions. He presented very well.


Jon is awesome and I've really enjoyed talking with him. He's always giving me valuable insight that I know will make me better as an engineer

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